“Quality Service is our priority. Dependability is our commitment.”

Our promise is to provide our clients with professional service that is at par with the Big Firms and we run the extra mile of delivering more than expected.  Dependability is our measure of what quality service is about.  Our clients can attest to our commitment to dependability.

The Firm offers the following lines of service, namely:

1. Audit and Assurance
Our Audit and Assurance division is well positioned to provide auditing and attestation services depending on the needs of users of financial information.

We are committed to deliver quality audit services by understanding our clients’ businesses, needs and strategies. We aim to go beyond mere compliance with the statutory requirements but instead to provide value added services in the form of recommendations to improve our clients’ businesses through proper internal control as part of our auditing methodology and the provision of practical solutions to significant business challenges.

Due Diligence

Our professional team is trained to conduct comprehensive due diligence assignments that constitute a pivotal part of any acquisition or merger transactions. Apart from satisfying regulatory requirement, our due diligence process will provide our clients a set of comprehensive financial information that will give a reliable snap-shot of a transaction (or series of transactions) at a specific time frame depending on the reporting framework required.It is a norm for creditors, bankers and other financial intermediaries to request for due diligence exercises when processing applications for loans and other corporate restructuring exercises. We have since established ourselves in this area.

Financial Review
We offer independent financial review services for today’s demanding business management that will serve as a firm basis for decision making and in specific circumstances, to assist management to establish practical recovery options and plans.


2. Tax Consulting

Our taxation services are designed to help clients to tap into today’s competitive business as well as fiscal environment through effective tax planning and maximization of tax incentives while maintaining regulatory compliance. We offer a whole range of professional tax services as listed below:

Corporate Tax Compliance
Our taxation services department is led by a team of experienced professionals striving to assist our clients in the area of tax compliance. Our staff is committed to continuous professional development so they are well equipped to convey to our clients the latest tax knowledge when preparing various tax returns to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Corporate Tax Planning
It is important that companies are aware of the various potential tax benefits made available by the government and the availability of tax incentives. We aim to excel in the area of tax planning to minimize the cost of doing business and therefore, optimizing business competencies as well as efficiencies.

Tax Assistance in BIR Investigation
We understand what our Clients have to go through when a company receives assessment notice from the BIR and hence can provide support and assist the clients in dealing with the issues raised in the process. We also take directives from clients to negotiate the settlement with the government over these tax deficiency investigations. This will lead to the issuance of a composite assessment in most instances.


3. Business Advisory Services

Corporate Registration
Registering as a local Corporation or a Branch Office of a Foreign Corporation with the local Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is an important process of a business cycle. We are able to provide such services due to our firm understanding and hands on approach with regulatory agencies, including Amendments of Articles of Incorporation and By Laws, Applications for Increase or Decrease in Capital Stock, Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Dissolution and Liquidation, among others.

Corporate Restructuring
One of the corporate buzzwords of today is business re-engineering. It compels managers to look at their business operations to ensure that the operations contribute towards achieving the company’s broader strategy. In the event that it doesn’t, a restructuring process is usually undertaken. In other cases, corporate restructuring is also undertaken to “unlock” value in assets of significance. Through our affiliate, CAS International, a comprehensive service of this nature is available that blends our management’s broad commercial exposure with an acute understanding of the present tax regime, an area that is normally neglected during the restructuring process.

Business Valuation and Investment Appraisals
Valuation of business is the core in any acquisition or merger initiatives. We provide expert services for vendors and acquirers in these complex exercises.


4. Enterprise Risk Management

We are in the business of helping our clients to manage their risks as well as identify areas for possible operational improvement. Through our immaculate understanding of our clients’ businesses, we can help to position our clients’ businesses to tap into opportunities as they arise through the business cycle. We believe this will bring about improvement in our clients’ efficiencies and profitability.

Risk Management
Our objective is to add maximum sustainable value to all the activities of the organization. We marshal the understanding of the potential upside and downside of all those factors which can affect the organization. We increase the probability of success, and reduce both the probability of failure and the uncertainty of achieving the organization’s overall objectives.We integrated into the culture of the organization with an effective policy and a program led by the competent senior management. We translate the strategy into tactical and operational objectives, assigning responsibility throughout the organization with each manager and employee responsible for the management of risk as part of their job description. It supports accountability, performance measurement and reward, thus promoting operational efficiency at all levels.

Internal Audit
We cater to the needs of the clients who wish to out-source their internal audit function. Our team’s experience in this division is invariably strengthened through their exposure to various industries among our clients as well as their commitment to details.

Business Process Review and Re-engineering of Accounting Systems
This type of work involves our experts to study and make an assessment of the present accounting operations of the company, determine whether business policies are being followed consistently in all organizational levels, check the propriety of recording business transactions and the accuracy of related financial reports. The results of such evaluation/assessment shall be used to formulate/establish sound accounting policies and procedures of the Company.


5. Corporate Accounting Services

In-house Bookkeeping Service
For Companies with small volume of transactions, the best option for them is to outsource the Bookkeeping Service. The recording process will be done within the Firm’s premises. The Firm acts as the “in-house accounting department”, and that the Firm will take custody of all business documents for encoding, after which, these will be returned on a regular basis upon turnover of our deliverable financial reports.

Outsourced Accounting Solution with Staff Deployment
The outsourced accounting solution is the complete solution that provides the complete accounting department to any entity. The Firm will deploy accounting professionals, typically composed of manager(s), supervisor(s), and staff member(s) to man the accounting department.